Law Firm Director

Bernd Faßbender

Lawyer since 1989


  • Born 1959 in Dusseldorf

  • Studied Law at the University of Heidelberg, Frankfurt am Main and Munich

  • 1989-1990 Partner in the law firm Dr. Pellmann & Fassbender, Inselstrasse 13, Dusseldorf

  • 1990-1998 Partner in the law firm Groß, Gutowski, Krauß, Thorbecke, Wunderlin & Fassbender, Brienner Strasse 43, Munich

  • 1998-2009 Law firm Fassbender, Grafinger Strasse 2, Munich

  • 2009-2014 Law firm Fassbender, Orffstrasse 29, Munich

  • 2014 Law firm Fassbender, Altheimer Eck 2, Munich

  • Since 01.07.2015 Law firm Fassbender, Hirschgartenallee 16 A, Munich


Memberships in Judicial Associations

  • MAV  Munich Lawyer Association

  • DAV  German Lawyer Association

  • Consortium of Correspondent Lawyers of the DAV

  • Association for the Development of the Research Institute of Leasing at the University of Cologne

Memberships on Supervisory Boards

  • Chairman of the supervisory board of Ferrari Financial Services AG (until 7/2012)

  • Chairman of the supervisory board of AIL Leasing Munich AG (until 2/2017)


My law firm specializes in leasing law.

20 years of experience and know-how is available to you. This guarantees:

I will represent your interests in all civil courts of Germany in accordance with an agreement with you personally or through a network of experienced and competent colleagues.

For legal matters in neighboring countries, I will utilize a network of selected colleagues.